Amazon Related Products

After some weeks of coding, today I just committed to worpdress repository a new plugin: Amazon Related Products. This time, I used the hooks to bring real contextual products to the content.
The plugin uses the post tags to request Amazon and show in real time the products that better match that combination of keywords.
One of the principal features of the plugin is the shortcode that allows the insertion of the units anywhere on your blog. Continue reading Amazon Related Products

Google Map Sortcode – 2.2 Easy, Versatile and Fast Integration

The version 2.2 of Google Map Shortcode WordPress plugin was released. This time the plugin includes some cool features like: markers animation and focus rotation. At the bottom you can read the most relevant features.

Special Features

  • The Editor button allows to include Google Maps into your content, after adding points and configuration on the editor panel.
  • The plugin allows to use markers.
  • Based on Google Maps Javascript API Version 3.
  • Faster and more applicable to mobile devices.
  • Allows to deploy multiples maps in a single page.
  • Points under post categories can be included in a single map.
  • The window box opened display part of the content of your posts like: post title, thumbnails, excerpt or a custom title description and thumbnail.
  • You can customize the html of the info window box on the settings.
  • The plugin is based on WordPress shortcode and allows many options like: initial zoom, width, height, categories, post ID, specific address, marker and thumbnail.
  • After loaded the map the focus point can be rotated automatically.

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