WordPress – Alphabetical List Plugin

This is a simple wordpress plugin to list the posts alphabetically. Sometimes you have several categories but you need to order just one alphabetically and leave the others listed by published date order. After installing this plugin you can select those categories.


  1. Upload alphabetical_list folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings/Alphabetical List and select the categories you want to order.
  4. That’s it.


Alphabetical List Plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory

52 thoughts on “WordPress – Alphabetical List Plugin”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for your very useful plugin. But I need a bit help. Please could you tell me, how can I add ‘ll’ and ‘ñ’ characters, to work like another letter of the alphabet, because I need an Spanish one. Thanks again.

    1. Did you ever get a response to this? I can’t seem to move from installation. How do I get my categories posts alphbetically listed on a page that people can see?

  2. THANKS for your very useful plugin!

    I was a bit afraid when I saw that WordPress directory says:
    – Compatible up to: 2.8.1
    – Last Updated: 2009-7-15

    But I confirm, it works with 3.1 (and I voted “works” on WP page)
    Maybe could be nice to just do a small update like a square on top of categories page for “select all”. I had 25 categories to check manually one by one 🙁

    And with this small code update the whole WP directory page would be updated and then would show:
    – Compatible up to: 3.1



  3. hi,
    I like this plugin,thats very good.
    I want to list my post like 1,2,3,4… but this plugin list it 1,10,11,12… how can I do this? Can anybody help me?

  4. It’s under the Tools menu. I believe the “Manage” menu he was referring to was in an earlier version of WordPress.

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