WordPress – Alphabetical List Plugin

This is a simple wordpress plugin to list the posts alphabetically. Sometimes you have several categories but you need to order just one alphabetically and leave the others listed by published date order. After installing this plugin you can select those categories.


  1. Upload alphabetical_list folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings/Alphabetical List and select the categories you want to order.
  4. That’s it.


Alphabetical List Plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory

52 thoughts on “WordPress – Alphabetical List Plugin”

  1. Hi, I am hoping to manage specific catagories with your app but don’t appear to have “Go to Settings/Manage/Alphabetical List and select the categories you want to order.” available in my word press menu. Any ideas?


  2. @Spyros
    I fixed this issue. But we need to include another condition on the statement, because when there is not category selected the array ‘alph_list_cat_arr’ is empty but the function is_category() return true, then all the categories are showed alphabetically.
    The final function could be:

    function alphabetical_order_cat($orderby)
    if( ( count(get_option(‘alph_list_cat_arr’)) != 0 ) AND ( is_category( get_option(‘alph_list_cat_arr’)) ) ){
    return “post_title ASC”;
    } else {
    return $orderby;

    Thank you all for your feedback!!!!

  3. Your plugin works perfect, but I note that the RSS Feed appears listed alphabetically also, which makes it unuseful. Is there a way to preserve the normal order of the posts (cronological) for the feed?
    Thanks a lot,

  4. Plugin works perfectly. Huge timesaver.
    A question though…
    My goal was to have the posts by category listed alphabetical, but then selectively “sticky” a post or two of my choosing to the top…followed by the remaining alphabetical listing. I was using wp-sticky to accomplish this from the unordered list, but after alphabetizing them, sticky doesn’t seem to work any more…alphabetical supercedes sticky. My coding skills are lackluster, is there a way to get these plugins to work in harmony?

  5. I think the admin side got obsolete since WP 2.7
    However, it is a really useful plug-in. Are you thinking in update it?

  6. Hello,

    This plugin changes the order of all categories by ID or Date ascending and the categories I choose by Title as it says.

    In order leave the rest of the categories sorting unchanged I alter the alphabetical_order_cat function to:
    function alphabetical_order_cat($orderby) {

    if(is_category(get_option(‘alph_list_cat_arr’) )) {

    return “post_title ASC”;
    } else {
    return $orderby;

    Thank you for this nice plugin.

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