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This plugin allows you to include instances of Google Map in your blogs using the wordpress shortcode API. You can insert maps everywhere: in your theme files, posts and pages. The use of a custom field allows you to insert posts on the maps as points.

The shortcode looks like:

and the custom field name is:


  • Allows to include more than one google map instance on your pages.
  • You can use the shortcode on your post, pages and theme files.
  • When you click on a point in the map the window box opened shows part of the content of your posts (post title, thumbnails, excerpt).
  • You can customize the html of the info window box on your maps.
  • One custom field define the address of a post.


Unzip the google-map-sc file into your plugins folder and activate it.
Go to the Google Map Shortcode Options page under settings and Insert your Google Api Key .


Insert the address in the google-map-sc-address custom fields on your posts or pages.
Decide where to show your maps and paste the shortcode in there.
In your post/page using:

In your theme files using:

Shortcode Options

This shortcode support the following options:

You can include a map with a single specific address. For example:

The Map will display the address assigned to the post with this id. When you create or edit a post or page you will have a Custom Field with the name google-map-sc-address to assign an address to this entry.

Display on the map all the address assigned to the posts under this specifics categories separated by comma.

(1 to 10) Number of points on the map.

Default 10. Initial zoom of your map.

Default 400. Width of your map

Default 400. Height of your map.

Include the links to the map points outside of the map


There is a limit in the number of requests to the google map services, so you can not include more than 10 points on maps by page,  read more here on Google Map API FAQ.



Support this and others plugins.

25 thoughts on “Google Map Shortcode”

  1. like the others trying to use the plugin and there is no map being displayed, are there any known plugin conflicts?

    does it make any difference if the plugins are activated or not

    thanks in advance

  2. I get the same result as the 2 people before me, it shows nothing. I think this plugin in broke or it doesnt work with WP 2.9 and above

  3. I am trying to display the map on my page but I do not see anything? I input a value at the custom field (google-map-sc-address) and put the [google-map-sc] inside the post but it does not show anything?

  4. @Tim Gebhart
    As you can read on the page where you get the key:

    A single Maps API key is valid for a single “directory” or domain. See this FAQ for more information.

    Are you using WordPress MU?. If not just install the plugin on each worpress instance.

  5. The new version is here

    I’m working on a new version to fix some bugs and allow better performance catching the latitude and longitude in another custom field. Then you will be able to handle more quantities of points.


    Your plugin is great.

    I just started using it today.

    I used your shortcode with address as option. The map shows an arrow and not a point. And when I click on the arrow, I just get the address, there is no link to the post.

    One another problem: when I register the API key, the plugin says I have entered a bad key. I tried it many times and checked if I forgot some letters but every time I tried, I couldn’t make it.

    Could you give some more examples and more explanations on how your plugin works ?

    I’m currently doing a website for people to put real estate ads. I want to put Google Map on each ad, and I was thinking also to put another map on another page where people could check all the available apartments & houses.
    I feel like your plugin can do this but I can’t understand exactly how it works.
    For the moment, I could only understand how to put a map for each ad, but not how to put a map showing all the apartments.

    Thanks for your help

    That’s what this plugin do, jus include the option “cat”. Look the example.
    This plugin looks great.

    What I would like to do is create a single page that has a Google map on it and links to the relevant posts of a Category which have been geotagged.

    Can you tell me if it is possible to add multiple markers which link to posts on a single map?


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