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This plugin allows you to include instances of Google Map in your blogs using the wordpress shortcode API. You can insert maps everywhere: in your theme files, posts and pages. The use of a custom field allows you to insert posts on the maps as points.

The shortcode looks like:

and the custom field name is:


  • Allows to include more than one google map instance on your pages.
  • You can use the shortcode on your post, pages and theme files.
  • When you click on a point in the map the window box opened shows part of the content of your posts (post title, thumbnails, excerpt).
  • You can customize the html of the info window box on your maps.
  • One custom field define the address of a post.


Unzip the google-map-sc file into your plugins folder and activate it.
Go to the Google Map Shortcode Options page under settings and Insert your Google Api Key .


Insert the address in the google-map-sc-address custom fields on your posts or pages.
Decide where to show your maps and paste the shortcode in there.
In your post/page using:

In your theme files using:

Shortcode Options

This shortcode support the following options:

You can include a map with a single specific address. For example:

The Map will display the address assigned to the post with this id. When you create or edit a post or page you will have a Custom Field with the name google-map-sc-address to assign an address to this entry.

Display on the map all the address assigned to the posts under this specifics categories separated by comma.

(1 to 10) Number of points on the map.

Default 10. Initial zoom of your map.

Default 400. Width of your map

Default 400. Height of your map.

Include the links to the map points outside of the map


There is a limit in the number of requests to the google map services, so you can not include more than 10 points on maps by page,  read more here on Google Map API FAQ.



Support this and others plugins.

25 thoughts on “Google Map Shortcode”

  1. I really don’t get it…

    I put on my wordpress index…

    I entered a value in my google-map-sc-address custom field on a post…

    But, my map on the index is not showing the custom field entry.

    What to do?

  2. sameer :Hi i found a bug(small one), i found it while i was validating the HTML, any way thankyou verymuch 4 ur contribution.
    error on google-map-shortcode.php on line number 181, the div closing arrow missing
    thank you

  3. Hi i found a bug(small one), i found it while i was validating the HTML, any way thankyou verymuch 4 ur contribution.

    error on google-map-shortcode.php on line number 181, ‘

    thank you

  4. Hi, thanks for the great plugin!
    I’ve got the maps working displaying the marker at the right place etc. However, there is no ‘details bubble’ when I click on the marker, or otherwise. It just doesn’t show up. Any ideas why? Is there a specific option I need to call?


  5. The plugin does not work with my theme, only with the Default in WordPress.
    But I have a question, in which of all the files of the theme I must place “”??

    Thank you!!

  6. Hi
    I have this plugin for a while and all worked fine until today.

    I noticed that when try to use mouse wheel to zoom map stop working (only panning working), then after clicking on a marker all working again, zoom with wheel all stops again.
    I also tried on firefox 3.6.3. IE 8 and also from different distant computer, same thing happens.

    Same is with maps on this page, so my only explanation is that google change something with map api so plugin not work as intended or map has a temporally problems.

    Beside this great plugin

  7. Hi Alain,

    perfect plugin. Thanks for the hard work.
    But how can I include the get directions into the info bubble?
    Maybe you or somebody else can help me with that task.

    That would be great.


  8. It’s working fine for me (using the theme code). One thing I had to do though was, if using a $var to drop the address in the do_shortcode(), you need to remove the ‘ and replace with ” then escape the inner ” with- \” like this–

    echo do_shortcode(“[google-map-sc address=\"$location_1\" height=\"250\" width=\"420\"]“)

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