Accordion Image Menu V 2.0

A picture is worth a thousand words

This is a new version of the Accordion Image Menu Plugin that fixs some bugs and includes new features.

New Features

  • Horizontal and Vertical position for the menus.
  • You can include more than one menu in your pages.
  • The shortcode allows several options.
  • Title background option included.


This example use the following options:

Shortcode Options

a-image-menu option=”values”


Number of post (Recent Posts). If you use this option or the the option cat this shortcode will work just for the list of recent post.

Post under categories separated by comma.

Back, Bounce, Cubic, Elastic, Expo, Pow, Quad, Quart, Quint, Sine

Elements dimensions when the image is closed

Elements dimensions when the image is open (mouse over)

Menu dimension that not change width for vertical height for horizontal

Duration of the  closed/open movement (milliseconds)

Border between elements

Element opened by default (1,2,3,4,5.. randomly)

Use background for titles

Just include the shortcodes in your post/pages or theme files. In the first release post you can find more details.


accordion-image-menu on wordpress

All suggestion and comments are welcome.

148 thoughts on “Accordion Image Menu V 2.0”

  1. Hello Alain,

    I am new to wordpress and I would like to replace my top right menu by your accordion image menu. Which theme file should I modify and replace which line by which one ? I am using Modularity Lite Theme. Sorry for sounding so stupid…help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much !

      1. Hello again,
        The problem is that I don’t know which of my theme files I am supposed to modify. Is it my style.css file ?
        Thanks a lot again for your help!

  2. Hello.
    for some reason the photos doesn’t expand when mouse-over.
    the menu works good but without the images expanding…
    maybe some can help ?

  3. thanks for the info. The accordian menu is something that i havent really looked at much before, but have heard great things about. I think that I would really want to try it when i start designing my website and know that it would be great to make things easier to navigate.

  4. @leapton
    Had the same issue, fixed it replacing : $the_link = $post -> guid;
    With : $the_link = get_permalink($post -> ID);

    Nice plugin ! Keep up the good work !

  5. Plugin doesn’t work.

    Shows only the widget title
    Looking at the generated html with firebug I see no li element generated for the widget, only the header.
    I’m using the Twentyten theme.

  6. oh wow! there’s a lot of questions here, and i’ve read them all. other than deactivating all jquery plugs and reinstalling, i cannot figure out why the menu doesn’t expand in firefox. also, of the images displayed at, i selected the option for the center imaged to automatically open, however the only action i can get on it’s first load is for a random one to open with the exception of firefox. i’d like to also install 2 other accordion based functions and wondering if that is going to be a challenge.

    thank you.

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