Accordion Image Menu V 3.0

This new version allows to use the “menu” feature introduced in the WordPress 3.0. If your theme support menus you just need to create the menu and select it in the plugin settings.

New Features

  • WordPress 3.0.0 menus included.
  • The shortcode allows pages by id.


You can use the menu everywhere:

  • On the sidebars as a Widget.
  • On the content using:
  • On your theme files using:


The default options of the menu can be defined under Settings/Accordion Image Menu. But if you want to include more than one menu on your site you can use the “shortcode” overwriting the options. For more info about the wordpress shorcodes follow this link:

Shortcode attributes

This is the name of the menu if are using a WordPress version higher than 3.0.0 and your theme support menus.

The id of the pages separated by comma.


Number of post (Recent Posts).

post (If you want to display Recent Posts)

Post under categories separated by comma.

Back, Bounce, Cubic, Elastic, Expo, Pow, Quad, Quart, Quint, Sine

Menu items dimensions when the item is closed (integer)

Menu items dimensions when the item is open with mouse over (integer)

Menu size that not change width for vertical height for horizontal (integer)

Duration of the open/close movement (milliseconds)

Border between elements (integer)

Element opened by default (1,2,3,4,5..or randomly)

Use background for titles


Recent release



All suggestion and comments are welcome.

91 thoughts on “Accordion Image Menu V 3.0”

  1. Hey, absolutely love the plugin, it’s truly invaluable! I have a slight problem, theres a spacing issue below the widget in the sidebar. Only happens with this plugin, it’s much too close to the item below it. How would I change this? The url is Many thanks and keep up the great work!


    1. Edwin, very nice website. You can go into the /plugins/accordion-image-menu/css/imageMenu.css and include some margin or padding bottom to the .aim class.

  2. hi,
    I used it as a widget, but it doesn’t work, only can see the widget’s title, no menu appeared.
    why? how do I fix this problem?


  3. Hi,

    thanks for the good plugin. But I installed lightbox 2 plugin and it isn’t compatible… maybe I would try your Flexible Lightbox but I use actually lightbox 2 with the NextGEN Gallery. And before, I tried only lightbox 2 and accordion image menu and no compatibility too. Can you help me ? thanks.

      1. Hi Alain,

        Ok I decided to fight the conflict ! But, my lightbox use prototype and finally I changed my plugin and replaced with Jquery Lightbox. And now all work like a charm. thanks for your encouragement ! best regards, Yann

  4. Good afternoon,

    I cant’ seem to get this to work no matter what i try or how/where i place a shortcode, or a php call.

    Im inserting the following code directly into my page.php right above

    Code i am using:

    (See bottom of post for full page.php code)

    I only want this menu to show on the ‘store’ page as a navigation menu between the product categories.

    Further more, how do you set images for the PAGES, not posts? I cant seem to find any way to do this?

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


    Pages: ‘, ‘after’ => ”, ‘next_or_number’ => ‘number’)); ?>

    <?php edit_post_link('Edit this entry.', '’, ”); ?>

  5. There’s a bug in the new version; if you have only 3 items in the menu, the dimensions go entirely haywire, making the menu completely unusable. Add one more, and it seems to work fine. As far as I can tell, this is independent of whether you use shortcodes for settings or use the settings menu.

        1. There is a conflict with jquery. Try to enclosure the jquery calls:

          (function ($) {

          … jquery code here….


  6. hello…thank you very much for this great plugin!
    i started using it as a widget on a website i’m building locally and i noticed a weird behaviour. I deleted all the images inside the posts (pages) but the menu still keeps displaying those images. I cleaned the cache, and even reebooted the machine and the images are still there. Is this supposed to be a correct behaviour ? cause it would really come in handy if it worked like that

    1. Alain, thank you so much for this amazing and intuitive plugin !

      Same thing, on my website things are stucked in closed mode. I use fancybox with the debug option enabled. Trying different shortcodes i still get no animation.

      Do you have any idea ?


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