Accordion Image Menu V 3.0

This new version allows to use the “menu” feature introduced in the WordPress 3.0. If your theme support menus you just need to create the menu and select it in the plugin settings.

New Features

  • WordPress 3.0.0 menus included.
  • The shortcode allows pages by id.


You can use the menu everywhere:

  • On the sidebars as a Widget.
  • On the content using:
  • On your theme files using:


The default options of the menu can be defined under Settings/Accordion Image Menu. But if you want to include more than one menu on your site you can use the “shortcode” overwriting the options. For more info about the wordpress shorcodes follow this link:

Shortcode attributes

This is the name of the menu if are using a WordPress version higher than 3.0.0 and your theme support menus.

The id of the pages separated by comma.


Number of post (Recent Posts).

post (If you want to display Recent Posts)

Post under categories separated by comma.

Back, Bounce, Cubic, Elastic, Expo, Pow, Quad, Quart, Quint, Sine

Menu items dimensions when the item is closed (integer)

Menu items dimensions when the item is open with mouse over (integer)

Menu size that not change width for vertical height for horizontal (integer)

Duration of the open/close movement (milliseconds)

Border between elements (integer)

Element opened by default (1,2,3,4,5..or randomly)

Use background for titles


Recent release



All suggestion and comments are welcome.

91 thoughts on “Accordion Image Menu V 3.0”

  1. Hi!!!
    This plugin looks great, but is compatible with WP 3.1??
    because it does’t work, it only shows the first post or the first page. I want to use that plugin in the content.
    Help please!

  2. Hey There

    I’ve just installed wordpress 3.1, and want to know if this plugin is compatible with this version of wp?

    because I can’t get my menu to work

    Thanks Thomas

  3. hi alain.
    thank you again for this amazing plugin.
    it works perfect !
    i have a question though:
    how can i set the order of the posts presented ?

  4. Ditto everyone’s praise of the plugin. I have a similar issue to other users, I can’t get it to show pages instead of posts. It seemed to work originally but now nothing. Where does it pull the image from? Can i create a custom field for it? My page is

  5. First off, love this plugin! It does 99% of what i need it to and is very easy to customize. Awesome work.

    My only issue is i can’t get it to show pages instead of posts. Posts work perfectly but when i switch to pages, either using the page id’s, menu name or adding the page id’s right to the shortcode i get a completely blank area, nothing shows up.

    Anyone else have this issue or know a fix?

  6. hello…i am having some problems with this plugin in combination with WPML (multilanguage plugin). Whenever i switch language from the native one the accordion image menu doesnt call the “imagemenu.css” file and everything gets displayed wrong.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this ?

      1. i’m still working in local, as soon as i’ll upload all the website i’ll definitely give you the link. really hope to get this working
        thank you anyway

          here’s the url
          of course this is not the complete website with all translations etc, but if you click on the menu voice “Storia” (right vertical menu) and change the language to english on the bottom of the page you can see the main menu on the right wich doesnt get display correctly
          I’d really appreciate any suggestions to solve this issue, and since this is a commercial website i’ll definitely make a donation to this awesome plugin (since all the site relies heavily on this)

          1. ok i found a partial soultion to this problem i think, i simply called the css within the wp page html, not sure it’s most elegant solution but it works

          2. I have the same problem with my own page!
            How did you manage to do the css call within the wp page?

            I would really appreciate some help :-)!

          3. My quickfix was to edit the php for Accordion, and for the calls to mootools, accordion and the css, I specify my static server-address instead.

            Hope it helps you too!

  7. Hi, thank you for your menu: is great!
    I would like to add a feature: that would be super if the “open” item of the menu would be the one pointed to the current page. I mean not to reset the open image each time to the option “random” or “fixed” that you can give, but, nicely, to the current page you’re viewing.
    Do you think it’s complicate or easy to modify the code to do this?
    Thank you very much

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