Google Map Shortcode plugin – Version 2.1

The new version of Google Map Shortcode wordpress plugin is ready.

Some improvement was achieved by using just one custom field “google-map-sc” to collect all the points in a post. This also allows to include a custom title, description, icon and thumbnail per point.

This time two filters was added to allows customizing the default html that is showed when points are clicked.


google-map-shortcode from wordpress

For more information about the plugin you can visit the followings links:


Your are invited to include your comments and suggestions in the comment box and your support for future improvements by clicking on the donate button.

7 thoughts on “Google Map Shortcode plugin – Version 2.1”

  1. The css interfearing with the zoom in twentyeleven is:

    .entry-content img,
    .comment-content img,
    .widget img {
    max-width: 97.5%; /* Fluid images for posts, comments, and widgets */

    Simple fix is to remove
    .entry-content img,

    1. Thanks Jason – I’d already spent a while trying to figure out the cause of the map stretching and tool issues.
      Another option to fix under twentyeleven (and still keep the fluid images) is to add the following to your stylesheet:

      .gmsc img {
      max-width: none;

  2. I just installed your plugin today and have two questions:

    First, the zoom bar is mostly not visible on my WordPress page (see Travel page on my website). This happens with both IE and Firefox on three different Windows 7 and XP machines. Yet the zoom bar on the map on your web page is perfect.

    Second, although I set the map using lat and long, Google Maps placed the pointer at the nearest street instead of where I wanted it. Is it a “feature” of Google Maps to locate the nearest street? Can I turn that off?



    1. Switch to the default Twenty-eleven wordpress theme and test it. I guess you are having some styles issues.


  3. Hello,

    I really love the plugin and I am finding it really simple to use. However I need to display up to about 50 markers on the map, but it will only let me display 11. I have tried adding the option number=50 to the shortcode but this did not work as I noticed that previous in putted marker locations were disappearing from the list.

    Any suggestion on how to fix this



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