Google Map Shortcode – How to use

This is a step by step guide to use the Google Map Shortcode wordpress plugin.

  1. Settings and configuration:

    As the plugin is based on wordpress shortcodes you can configure the defaults options on the plugin settings page. It can be found under Settings menu.
    In this section you can set the default values for width,height and zoom of the maps, the html for the box opened by clicks on the points and you can upload new markers. The plugin includes several markers powered by Maps Icons Collection

  2. Creating new map:

    You can insert a map into the content any time while you write a post. Just click on the Google Map Shortcode icon in the Upload/Insert section

  3. Uploading the thumbnails:

    Every point on the map can include a html box to display some details about the point: Title, description and thumbnail. This image need to be upload to the post gallery before creating the point.

  4. Adding and Editing points:

    After clicking on the icon in the editor page, the Google Map Shortcode panel is opened. On this panel you add, edit and deleted the points attached to the post. At the bottom of the panel there is a button that allows you to insert the map into the post.

  5. Using the shortcodes:

    The plugin allows to insert maps everywhere using the wordpress shortcode feature. For example in this case the map will display the points related to the post with id=1030. But you can include a custom icon, address,categories id (to display all the point attached to the post under this categories) etc. You can read more about the shortcode in this section.

    [google-map-sc width="600" height="400" zoom="12" id="1030"]
  6. Deploying the map:

    After inserting the map into the post the plugin render it on your page. By clicking on the markers you can see a box opened with some details about this point.


google-map-shortcode from wordpress

For more details about the plugin visit:
Google Map Shortcode plugin – Version 2.1
Google Map Shortcode 2.0 – Total Solution


The plugin is quite simple to use and can be implemented for very different purposes. For example in your theme deploying the posts as points in the maps for each category… Just think about it and post your experience and contribution. But if this plugin saves your day you can let me know by clicking on the orange bell.

56 thoughts on “Google Map Shortcode – How to use”

  1. Hi,
    Is a very nice plugin, i test in local, but before use my website, one question subsist :
    Possibility add my all addresses in one map ? (for the home page).


  2. Hi Alain,

    Well done on a very sexy plugin.

    I’d like to use it on my site, and it seems to work perfectly when I’m logged but when I’m logged out all I see is a blank box.

    Any thoughts? Have I missed something obvious?


  3. Hi,
    Can I insert 2 or more different maps in the same page??

    I try to add 2 points but the TAG id=”1″ don’t works….

  4. Hello!! I seriously like this blog site, especially the arrangement. 😀 At any rate, I just wanted to mention thanks a bunch for all the posts as well as plz keep it up. I honestly enjoy reading more.

  5. Hi Alain,

    A simply reply were be good! Once more I d like to know How i put the scroll wheel = false??????????????


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