Google Map Shorcode – Advance Example


&#91google-map-sc focus="all" focus_type="open" zoom="14" interval="2000" &#93

4 thoughts on “Google Map Shorcode – Advance Example”

  1. @Alain Thank you, now I see …
    I have detected that there can only be one place with the same name. My problem: Berlin. The map looks for another Berlin that is not in Germany. Maybe I can add a street but I have non (at the moment). Your plugin is really great, thank you. I’m sure I’ll sen a donation soon.

  2. I’m not sure how I can add some more points later. E.g.: I have created a map and insert the shortcode into a post. Every month I want to add a new pount to this map. Do you have a link where this situation is described?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. The shortcode panel allows to attach points to the posts. If the shortcode is already added the only thing you need to do, is open the panel again using the plugin button on your post and “add new point”.

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