Google Map Shortcode Reference

The Google Map Shortcode editor panel allows to set and insert the shortcode into your code, but it can be added manually using:

Shortcode for the content of posts and pages

[google-map-sc option = "option value"]

PHP code for theme files

<?php echo do_shortcode ('[google-map-sc option = "option value"]') ?>

Below you can find the Google Map Shortcode parameters and posible values, if any options are included the shortcode will use the configuration defined on the plugin options page:

Option Value Description
width number Width of the map
height number Height of the map
zoom (0-20) Initial zoom of the map
margin number Margin of the map
align left,center,right Alignment of the map
language visite google map api for details Map language
focus 1,2,3…all Point where the map will be focused
focus_type open,center How the point is focused
interval milliseconds Time interval of the points focus rotation
animate true,false Animate the markers
canvas string (Optional) Canvas id where the map will be deployed
id number Display the points attached to the post with this id
cat number. Separated by comma. Display the points attached to the post under this category
address string Display specific address
title string Custom title for the point related to the address option
description string Custom description for the point related to the address option
icon URL Custom icon for the point related to the address option
thumbnail URL Custom thumbnail for the point related to the address option
module string scroller, slideshow

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