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This plugin is a friendly integration of Google Map into your blogs.

The plugin is based on WordPress shortcodes, so it can be used like a tag into your content and allows multiples parameters to customize the map and markers behavior. The editor button allows to add the shortcode attributes easily.

On the Google Map editor panel you can add points to the maps, change the map configuration and look how the map will looks like with a “Preview Map” button.
Once you add new point it is attached to the post and you can deploy it on any map in your blog using the “id” or “cat” attributes in the .

The plugin also allows to customize the “Info Window” editing the html and using some parameters like: Title, Description, Thumbnail, Link, etc.

If you want to focus a specific point in your maps the “focus” attribute should be used. You can use the point number or focus = “all” to rotate all the points. The focus feature can be based on “center the marker” or “open the marker” . For more details visit the Shortcode reference section.


The Google Map Shortcode editor panel allows to set and insert the shortcode into your code, but it can be added manually using:

Shortcode for the content of posts and pages

[google-map-sc option = "option value"]

PHP code for theme files

<?php echo do_shortcode ('[google-map-sc option = "option value"]') ?>

To see the list of the shortcode options visite the Google Map Shortcode Reference page.

For more details you can visite the how to use section.


The plugin allows to add points and maps easily including titles, images, descriptions and animations; but if you want to extend the functionality and interaction of your maps, some modules are available. They can include slideshows, custom scrolls and more. Visit the modules page for more details.





  • Map types added.
  • Marker animation option added.
  • Focus option added.
  • Maps marging and aligment added.
  • More Map languages included.
  • Performance improved.


  • Preview map added on the map editor panel.


  • Google Map Shortcode tab added to the media editor window.
  • Upload Image button added.
  • Cleaning string before saving points fixed.
  • Other bugs fixed.


  • Allows selecting single point icon, title and description.
  • Html filters added.
  • Just one custom field by post to include all the points.
  • Icon selection improved.


  • Geocoding API request changed.
  • Html width parameter included.


  • Custom marker added.
  • Google Map Javascript v3 integrated.
  • Editor button added.
  • Ready for translation.
  • Maps in different languages allowed.


  • Loops related bugs fixed.
  • More than 10 points allows per page fixed.
  • New custom field included in order to cache the Latitude and Longitude and avoid extra Google Geocoder requests.
  • More than one point per post fixed.


  • Initial release.


122 thoughts on “Google Map Shortcode WordPress Plugin”

  1. I am also having problems with 3.1.1, I also cannot get the map to show. I just get a blank area where the map should be located. Can anyone help please?

  2. Has anyone had trouble with the latest version 3.1.1 ? I have used the plugin many times before and it has worled fine, today though I just installed the lasted wordpress and plugin and all I get is a white space where the map should be?

  3. hi all,
    i am tamer from Istanbul Turkey.
    i thnik it is a great plugin bu i didnt work it. can someone help me? i enter lang. altd. , address but it doesnt show up on the pages.. did i miss something?
    [google-map-sc] >>> is this the shortcode i have to use or have to do something more??
    thanks from now on

  4. I’m experiencing a problem with the pop-up boxes. For some reason they are empty, displaying no information.

    Maybe they don’t work with the latest version of WordPress?

    For the time being, I’m using a different plugin on my site, but I would appreciate it if you could update this one so I could start using it again.


  5. Feature request:

    Any chance you could optimise your plugin so that the scripts only load on those pages that call the shortcode? Otherwise I am adding unnecessary css and javascript overhead to pages that do not use the map at all.

    I tried doing it myself after reading this article:
    Since WordPress 3.3 you can just enqueue the script from within the shortcode handler. See for more.

    However, I don’t want to lose any changes on update, since I won’t be doing the blog maintenance…

  6. Hi, is there a way to set a group of palcemarkers (Category) und be able to show just the wished categories.
    Many thanks

  7. This plugin is really great!

    I did have a question regarding the possibility of changing the focus of marker via an external link. Would something like that be possible? Is there some way to reference each marker externally?

    Thank you!

  8. Hi,

    There seems to be a problem with the pop-up boxes (the ones with photos and descriptions)on the maps generated on our adresses. The boxes are way too big, the text is centered, and they just seem way out of place on the map, not at all like the examples I´ve seen here. Is there any way to change this?

    One of the weird maps:

    Thanks in advance…

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