Google Map Sortcode – 2.2 Easy, Versatile and Fast Integration

The version 2.2 of Google Map Shortcode WordPress plugin was released. This time the plugin includes some cool features like: markers animation and focus rotation. At the bottom you can read the most relevant features.

Special Features

  • The Editor button allows to include Google Maps into your content, after adding points and configuration on the editor panel.
  • The plugin allows to use markers.
  • Based on Google Maps Javascript API Version 3.
  • Faster and more applicable to mobile devices.
  • Allows to deploy multiples maps in a single page.
  • Points under post categories can be included in a single map.
  • The window box opened display part of the content of your posts like: post title, thumbnails, excerpt or a custom title description and thumbnail.
  • You can customize the html of the info window box on the settings.
  • The plugin is based on WordPress shortcode and allows many options like: initial zoom, width, height, categories, post ID, specific address, marker and thumbnail.
  • After loaded the map the focus point can be rotated automatically.


In this section you can find more details about the plugin: Shortcode References, How To Use, Examples



Developing a wordpress plugin is fun but not easy, therefore any kind of feedback is really appreciated.


14 thoughts on “Google Map Sortcode – 2.2 Easy, Versatile and Fast Integration”

  1. Hi Alain. Love your plug-in! It seems to be working great for me in Chrome, however it doesn’t display anything in Firefox or IE. Is there something I can change to fix the display in these two browsers?


  2. Hi Alain,

    I’ve been a massive fan of Google Map Shortcode for some time now, but have been having a bit of a problem getting it to work with Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies; I have a site where I am able to add map points to posts with a “Hotels” CPT I have set up and am echoing the shortcode in the relevant template files, but for some reason, only one point is shown – even if there are more points within the taxonomy I have set up. I am getting the ID of the taxonomy and adding it to the “cat” parameter, but as mentioned, only one point is returned.

    I’d be very grateful if you had any suggestions as to how I could get this to work.

  3. Trying to use your plugin and it seems that it is fairly simple (which I appreciate) But when I tell it to insert the map the code is generated on the page which I can see but when I update the page and I try to view it. (Checked in IE/Chrome/firefox) and the page is blank.
    I have 3.1.1 for the version and the theme is Photocrati for photographers.
    I tried all sizes from the default of 450 up to where I want it 900×900.
    I tried it with streets and hybrid. I am using a focus and a lower zoom point (7) and when I say show the map it looks great. Then I tell it to insert map and I update the page and go to the site, nothing.. Is there something else I need to do?

  4. I wanted this plugin to except HTML tags in the title, description and address fields so I changed the following in the function “gmshc_generate_map”…
    $output .= “\”info\”:\””. gmshc_get_windowhtml($point) .”\”,\n”;
    $output .= “\”info\”:\””. html_entity_decode( gmshc_get_windowhtml($point) ).”\”,\n”;
    It now allows me to put for a new line or whatever formatting I require.

  5. Hi Alain,

    I see V2.23 was released today, is the update to include Latitude and Longitude with this release? If so, how do I get it working?

    Kindest regards,

  6. Hi Alain,

    I have a problem. After I have installed new version, all points on my map have disappeared. Do hou know what is it ?
    I have the same problem when I desactivate extension and when I activate again. Lat and long are always in custom fields.

    Could you help me ?


  7. Hi,
    I love this plugin, however, I wish to add points using latitude and longitude as the points I want to highlight are very rural in Ireland. The map though jumps to the nearest major road instead. Is there anyway of switching that off so it will highlight just my rural point?

    Kindest Regards

  8. Hi. It’s a great plugin. Thanks. Looking forward to using it. Is it possible to have it do directions or routes? I don’t think I’ve noticed a setting for that. Thanks.

    1. That’s why the “Open Map” link is included on the info window, to go to the google maps main page and use the rest of the features.

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