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After some weeks of coding, today I just committed to worpdress repository a new plugin: Amazon Related Products. This time, I used the hooks to bring real contextual products to the content.
The plugin uses the post tags to request Amazon and show in real time the products that better match that combination of keywords.
One of the principal features of the plugin is the shortcode that allows the insertion of the units anywhere on your blog.
For example, while I’m typing I click on the editor button (the “a” closed to the “add media” button) and play with the keywords in order to show some products.This is the shortcode I’m using:

[amz-related-products search_index='Books' keywords='amazon, affiliates' unit='grid']

In this case I used the keywords: amazon and affiliates. Since the Amazon category I’m using is “Books” the keywords combination should be included on the books titles, that’s why its good to use few keywords (no more than 5) and the one that better describe the subject of your post.

Below you will find some others products that are inserted automatically based on the tags that I’m using.
On the main plugin page you can find more details and examples.


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  1. I like this plugin. But it only works intermittently so I cannot use it in production. More often than not the following error appears: Busted! Can you help me diagnose? I would very much like to your product. But for the moment I cannot.

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