Amazon Related Products WordPress Plugin

Monetize your blog with real contextual Amazon products.


This plugin integrates the Amazon Associates program and Amazon Web Service – Products into your blog. The products are displayed depending on your content, basically, the tags or any particular keyword added to the shortcode. The plugin uses the first three tags, but if there is nothing related to that combination, the plugin will show the products associated to the default settings.

All the products comes directly from Amazon inventory, so there is no worries about expired or broken links.

How to use

The plugin requires a simple set up to starting up. The Amazon credentials the default configuration is required.

Once you complete that step on the Amazon Related Product option page under settings, you can select one of the option to add the products automatically into your post or use the editor button to insert them on your favorites places. Also, a widget is available to be used in the side areas.

Editor button to add the related products to your pages
Editor button to add the related products to your pages

The plugin will use the tags attached to your post. However, in case that there is not match in Amazon for that search,  the products related to your default configuration will be displayed.

Since the products are coming directly from Amazon, there are no worries about broken or expired links and you can easily changed the settings in order to get better results based on performance and conversion.


Below you can see some books displayed using the plugin and this shortcode:

[amz-related-products search_index='Books' keywords='wordpress plugin themes' unit='grid']




28 thoughts on “Amazon Related Products WordPress Plugin”

  1. Hi

    The plugin seems great, but I just cannot get it to work.

    I am using WP 3.2 Have curl, triple checked amazon credentials. Not quite sure what else to do to debug. Any suggestions?

  2. Anyway I can localize the affiliate links? I have a localizer plug-in installed but it is not affect the links generated from your plug-in.

  3. Hi Alain, This is a great plugin thanks for the effort put in. How can I add this to the theme so that it is displayed on the homepage after the list of posts?

    1. You can add the shortcode using php. Try this:

      echo do_shortcode( ‘[amz-related-products ...the attrs here..]‘ )

        1. Oops the code I posted didnt show up in my comment perhaps because I added the php open/close tags. Let me try that again. Here is the code that worked for me:

          echo do_shortcode( “[amz-related-products ...the attrs here...]” )

    1. Question: The related products appears on the preview section? If yes, check with one of the default themes. If that works check if your theme includes wp_footer().

  4. Are the product listed having Affiliate link… or can user insert their own amazon affiliate tracking id in either way ? If its not possible plugin may be useless.

    1. Yes, the links comming with the affiliate id from amazon api. You can verify it on the link url and amazon reports on other links.

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